The Dates

MODULE 1: August 3-4
9am – 4pm Mountain Time
Module 2: November 16-17
9am – 4pm Mountain Time
Module 3: February 15-16
9am – 4pm Mountain Time
Registration is open for our upcoming training on August 3-4, 2024.


Unlock profound and lasting healing opportunities in your clinical or coaching practice through our transformative online training.

Chronic stress, tension, and trauma accumulate in the body over time, worsening existing health conditions and creating new physical, cognitive, and psycho-emotional symptoms. As our world becomes more hectic and challenging, we need innovative tools to help us restore balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

TRE® is a globally recognized somatic process that is unique in its ability to provide immediate and lasting relief from the symptoms of chronic stress. In addition to being a versatile tool for a range of professional settings, including therapy, bodywork, end-of-life care, fitness, meditation, and yoga, TRE® is valuable for anyone looking to experience more profound well-being and personal growth.

Becoming a Certified TRE® Provider and integrating this powerful modality into your practice will enable you to facilitate deeper healing and increased capacity for your clients, your community, and yourself.

Leading the Way in TRE® Certification

The Red Beard TRE® Global Certification Training program is a comprehensive and respected online learning experience that balances theoretical and experiential learning, with a mix of group and individual learning practices to help you build competency in all areas of TRE® facilitation. For over 6 years, we’ve helped healing professionals and seekers around the world become Certified TRE® Providers.

Our passionate and knowledgeable educators will guide you through learning the principles and science behind this revolutionary somatic technique, developing a rich and empowering personal practice, and integrating it into your clinical or coaching toolkit. We support your learning through expert-led trainings, live demonstrations, tailored feedback, guided 1:1 sessions, ample Q&A opportunities, and our library of curated video resources.

Our alumni include

“Diving deep into TRE through online certification developed my understanding of why this seemingly simple practice has become so beneficial to me. The rigorous, well-supported practice teaching element clarified how I will weave an offering of TRE into my work as a leadership coach.”

What is TRE®?

TRE® (or Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a proven modality used in over 60 countries. The simple yet innovative series of exercises activates a neurogenic tremor reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma, immediately calming the nervous system and inducing deep relaxation.

As this involuntary tremor reflex does not require conscious control of the mind or body, it allows anyone to access and embody deeper somatic awareness and connection — even those who struggle with other relaxation techniques, such as meditation. With proper training and practice, this technique is safe, natural, and can be used daily.

TRE® can help anyone:

“Calmness is the cradle of power.”

- Josiah Gilbert Holland

A Letter From TRE® Creator Dr. David Berceli


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified TRE® Provider. Incorporating TRE® into your personal and professional life will open new possibilities!

Our certification program will prepare you to teach TRE® safely, responsibly, and professionally. Additionally, we require that our trainees experience the depth of personal healing, re-balancing, and tension releasing that is possible through this somatic process.

TRE® integrates well with traditional therapeutic modalities because it supports healing at the deepest levels of the neuro-physiology, where traumatic “fear” responses originate. Some individuals recovering from chronic stress, anxiety, or trauma may have deep emotional and psychosomatic issues that need professional guidance.

Although I originally designed TRE® as a self-help technique for large traumatized populations, it is becoming widely accepted as a somatic tool for mental health and health care professionals. In those cases, TRE® should not be considered as a stand-alone method, but would be better included in a therapeutic session where the client can receive proper guidance along with those releases.

If you are seeking a somatic technique to enrich your healing practice, there are many unique qualities that would make TRE® a good choice for you. If you are NOT a professional healthcare provider but you still want to learn how to share TRE® with your family and community, the TRE® certification process will give you the competency to do so.

The management of stress and the healing of trauma are challenging issues that face each of us daily. TRE® offers a revolutionary approach and a teachable technique to aid each of us individually and as a larger community.

We look forward to your joining the TRE® provider family!

David Berceli, Ph. D

Creator of TRE | Founder of TRE for All, Inc.

Our Curriculum

The Red Beard TRE® Global Certification Training program is divided into three modules designed with care and intention to help you establish a transformative personal practice, facilitate 1:1 sessions, and lead group workshops.

You will have access to our weekly online groups for the duration of your training, allowing you to not only deepen your practice, but learn first-hand the best practices of facilitating TRE groups online. 


Foundations of TRE® & Establishing Your Personal Practice

Next Session: August 3-4, 2024, 9 am – 4 pm MDT

This module provides a comprehensive overview of TRE® and guides you to develop your relationship with this innate and empowering healing mechanism. Over a 2-day group training, you will learn about the effects of stress and trauma on the mind and body, explore the principles behind TRE®’s benefits, and begin your personal practice.

EXPERIENTIAL: You will complete four private one-on-one TRE® sessions with a trainer or mentor. You are also encouraged to “get your feet wet” with some practice sessions with friends and family.

You’ll learn about

Our Relationship to Stress
We will explore the stress-trauma continuum and our physiological and psychological responses to stress/trauma. You’ll be introduced to the triune model of the human brain, its connection to stress/trauma response, and how the imprint of trauma affects the brain stem.
The Role of the Nervous System
We will review the classical model of the autonomic nervous system and compare it with polyvagal theory, a modern and nuanced model that offers a new understanding of the freeze/immobilization response.
The Mind-Body Connection
We will explore how physiology influences psychology, and look at "bottom-up" models for understanding psychology and the human brain
Trauma Recovery
We will delve into the history of the trauma-informed movement and TRE®’s fascinating origin as a revolutionary cross-cultural modality in Dr. David Berceli’s pioneering humanitarian work with traumatized communities.
The Natural Power of TRE®
You will discover how your posture and musculature are influenced by stress/trauma and how TRE® unwinds that, safely and naturally. We will look at tremoring in the animal kingdom with insights from the study of animal behavior in the wild.
Self-Regulation in TRE®
You will learn how to activate your neurogenic tremor reflex and safely structure a deep and productive personal practice that builds resilience and capacity.


Learning To Work With Individuals

Next Session: November 16-17, 2024, 9am – 4pm

This module deeply explores the principles of 1:1 TRE® facilitation in clinical and virtual settings, helping you build confidence in teaching others how to tremor safely. Throughout the 2-day group training, we will break down the 7-exercise TRE® protocol and you will receive valuable feedback for your practice teaching sessions.

EXPERIENTIAL: You will complete four video-recorded practice teaching sessions and meet 1:1 with a trainer or mentor for review and feedback.

You’ll learn about

Understanding Tremors
We will look at the different categories of tremors, what they mean, and how to recognize them.
Tremoring & The Body
We will delve into what happens in the spinal column during a tremoring session, as well as how the anatomy of a person’s myofascial patterns can influence their tremoring.
Ensuring Accessibility
You will learn how to modify and adjust the TRE® series of exercises to accommodate those with special needs.
Regulating the TRE® Experience
We will explore how to help facilitate, expand, and contain another person’s tremoring experience, and look at the ways that polyvagal theory applies to tremoring safety.


Learning To Work With Groups

Next Session: February 15-16, 2025, 9am – 4pm Mountain Time
This module expands your 1:1 TRE® facilitation skills into safe and effective facilitation for groups, both online and in person. Throughout the 2-day group training, you will learn how to develop and lead group tremoring sessions, allowing you to add a valuable new offering to your coaching or clinical practice.

EXPERIENTIAL: You will complete four video review sessions leading a small group and receive feedback designed to foster confidence, growth, and breadth/depth of experience.

You’ll learn about

The Business of TRE®
We will examine the practical considerations of running a TRE® business, with insights from experienced Certified TRE® Providers.
Facilitating a Healthy Practice
You will receive expert guidance on how to structure different types of TRE® groups or workshops, and develop your awareness around transference/counter-transference dynamics in groups and individual therapeutic relationships.
Safety in Groups
We will discuss approaches that will help you maintain safety during group TRE® sessions, and expand upon polyvagal theory’s connection to tremoring safety.

Independent Study

In addition to attending all three modules and completing all practice sessions, you are required to complete the following independent study assignments:


This program is open to applicants from any professional background. Before attending Module 1, each student must complete one personal supervision session. To get started, purchase the Module 1 package and schedule your first Personal Session.

Meet Your Instructors


Founder of Red Beard Bodywork and Zen Integration Bodywork

Global Certified TRE® Provider and TRE® Certification Trainer

Alex came to TRE® in 2014 with a background as a Structural Integration bodyworker. He is a Graduate of the East West Healing Arts Institute in Madison, WI and has 20+ years of experience helping his clients experience deep healing, rich learning, and transformational growth through a broad range of therapies, including bodywork, somatic therapy, and trauma release. Alex is known for his knowledgeable and relaxed teaching style, weaving the various aspects of his background into a grounded, experiential training.


Certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Global Certified TRE® Provider and TRE® Certification Trainer

Since being introduced to TRE® in 2015, Ellen has developed a personal practice that ultimately supported her own healing process after a series of emergency abdominal surgeries in 2019. She uses TRE® as a systemic support for her clients working to resolve trauma, address anxiety, heal from an injury, or develop a meditation practice.

Meet Your Mentors

Trinidad Zegers

Trinidad is an outdoor hiking and interpretive guide based in the Patagonia region of Chile. She is also a veterinarian by training.

Adventurous and curious by heart, Trinidad uses her years of experience in the wild and animal observation, combined with her meditative practice, to hold a safe space for the exploration of inner landscapes, fears and the unknown, with TRE for her and her clients.

She loves igniting the spark of TRE for beginner groups and working in group settings with TRE and other modalities; to embark in journeys of inner and outer exploration.

Ashley Hartman Annis

Ashley Hartman Annis (she / they) is a TRE provider & mentor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training (through Intermediate II), a full spectrum doula, and a zine maker in Madison, WI. 

Ashley has been offering TRE since 2021, with a special interest in working at the crossroads of fertility (including pregnancy, birth, trying to conceive, miscarriage, abortion) and somatics. In addition to working with birth / fertility, Ashley also enjoys working with other careworkers—doctors, nurses, doulas, therapists—and helping them to prevent secondary trauma and care fatigue. 

When she’s not working, Ashley enjoys coffee shops, snuggling her dogs, and biking around her beautiful city!

Your Investment

Our comprehensive certification program is offered on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to access the training you need at the time best for you and your practice. Each payment includes your full module tuition along with the associated supervised sessions. 

Please note: additional supervision may be required for some trainees.


Foundations of TRE® & Establishing Your Personal Practice



Tuition + 4 Supervised Individual Facilitation Sessions



Tuition + 4 Supervised Group Leading Sessions and 1 Final Evaluation


Complete Program Total: $3750

Frequently Asked Questions

TRE® refers to a set of seven exercises that activate your natural neurogenic tremor reflex mechanism. This causes areas of your body to shake or vibrate for a period of time, releasing deeply held muscular patterns of tension. As this tension is released from your body, your brain produces hormones that calm the nervous system and create feelings of deep peace and well-being. When practiced regularly, TRE® helps to prevent stress and tension levels from building up in the body over time, allowing us to increase our resiliency and capacity.
TRE® is an extremely powerful tool for trauma recovery and stress regulation, and is effective in aiding athletic recovery, managing chronic pain, addressing burnout and compassion fatigue, and in end-of-life care. Many spiritual seekers, such as yoga practitioners and meditators, use it to expand somatic and emotional awareness. TRE® can be seamlessly integrated into a broad range of healing professions, including bodywork, psychotherapy, somatic therapy, yoga therapy, chiropractic, coaching, and medicine.

Applicants from any background intending to pursue TRE® Global Certification are welcome. No previous experience is required.

This program is fully online and accessible wherever you may be.
The program’s three modules are usually scheduled 2-3 months apart. By registering for consecutive modules, you will complete your certification in roughly 10-14 months.
Each module includes a 2-day group training lasting 60-90 minutes. You will also be required to complete a number of independent study assignments, including journaling, practice sessions, and video reviews. Generally, students average about 1-2 hours per week of work towards their certification in addition to maintaining a consistent tremoring practice.

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